Heads up, Latanda 205 Lovers! October 12, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Our signature champagne-style offerings, Latanda 205 Gourmet Sparkling White and Red, are completely sold out.

You see, we only select and crush the very best estate-grade produce harvested in Stellenbosch seasonally, and hence produce a finite amount of bottled product every year. This year, we totally underestimated demand for Latanda 205 and so we didn’t produce enough to see us through till our next bottling. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this shortage will cause, and we’re grateful that many of you who’ve come to love our products understand that waiting for more Latanda 205 to become available following the 2020 harvest (February-March 2020) beats resorting to downing reconstituted grape juice of dubious origin and quality.

One other thing, the Western Cape (the South African province in which Stellenbosch lies) is currently recovering from one of the worst droughts in recorded history. That means two things: 1) there’ll likely be a much smaller Colombard harvest in 2020 and that will, in turn, impact the grape’s price per tonne, and 2) ironically, the harsh climatic conditions are likely to impact the crop positively— in terms of delivering favourable complex flavours. So, look out for updates from us as harvest approaches to find out how this situation will impact our product, both in terms of price and quality.

So, thanks again for embracing our darling Latanda 205, and we do hope you’ll continue to thoroughly enjoy it up until our retail stockists run dry. In the meantime, be sure to savour our Latanda Premium Sparkling White and Red (Muscat de Alexandria) while stocks last!