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Happy New Me!

We successfully resisted the urge to post a predictable “Happy New Year” blog last month. Instead, we opted to ask a mate of ours to write our first blog post of 2016. Now Jay (not his real name), is the consummate millennial— driven and opinionated. Here are his thoughts on getting 2016 off to a great start. For most of us, every year starts the same way— with resolutions like, “This year I will turn…

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Here’s Why You Should Go Gourmet

A mate of ours is a food scientist who used to work for one of the world’s biggest producers of commercial grape juice. You know, the stuff labelled “100%”. Listening to him explain his former company’s production process enlightened us to just how misleading a “100% pure fruit juice” designation on a product can be. Major grape juice producers typically chase three things in the traditional mass market retail system: 1) long shelf life, 2)…

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Spread The Love This Festive Season With Latanda Gifting

You may or may not know that the word” Latanda” is derived from the word “lathanda”, which is IsisNdebele for “you loved”. This grape juice range is truly our ode to love, and hence we’re unashamedly biased in declaring that it’s the perfect way to let someone you appreciate or care for deeply know how much they mean to you. Our small range of distinctive accessories for special occasions and corporate gifting includes lovely hand-made…

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