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Latanda is a range of gourmet, full-flavoured grape juices sourced from the season’s best fruit, lovingly picked, pressed and bottled just days after being on the vine. All this under the watchful eye of Stellenbosch’s most experienced vintners. It is a premium and discerning alternative to the more pedestrian non-alcoholic alternatives on the market, and allows teetotallers to enjoy a sense of occasion that has previously only been the domain of alcohol drinkers.

Why Latanda?

Latanda contains no artificial colouring or added sugars.

Most other juices are reconstituted from “100%” pasteurised grape concentrate made from all manner of grapes— often ‘reject’ fruit which fails to make the grade for wine-making or table consumption. This concentrate is then preserved using various chemical processes and stored until producers are ready to thin it out with water and/or deflavoured fruit juice (often pear or apple) to take to market. This makes all the resultant juice taste the same –an aggregated flavour which holds no unique characteristics or depth.

Latanda is an estate-grade product, made from specially selected fresh seasonal single varietal grapes which are pressed and bottled just days after picking. We therefore ensure that the unique flavour characteristics of the specific grape and season are manifested in their true character in our juice. We choose only grape varietals that have grown particularly well over the season to produce a discerning and real flavour character. Our “red” versions of each product have a similar taste profile to their white counterparts, but we think that some occasions call for the intimacy of a deeper colour and so have added red grape skins to fulfil the red blush.

Team Latanda

Andile and Sithabiso Masuku are passionate advocates of the alcoholic-free lifestyle, and care deeply about the origins of the food and drink that makes it to their dinner table. They discovered a passion for premium-grade grape juice while on honeymoon in the exquisite Stellenbosch vineyards— an area widely considered Africa’s gourmet capital. This is where the idea for “Latanda” (derived from the IsiNdebele word “lathanda”, meaning “you loved”) was born –both from the love between a newly married man and wife, and their combined love for the beautiful bounty of Africa’s rich soil.