Happy New Me! February 2, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorized

We successfully resisted the urge to post a predictable “Happy New Year” blog last month. Instead, we opted to ask a mate of ours to write our first blog post of 2016.

Now Jay (not his real name), is the consummate millennial— driven and opinionated. Here are his thoughts on getting 2016 off to a great start.

For most of us, every year starts the same way— with resolutions like, “This year I will turn heads with the perfect body” or “This year I will write that novel and become a New York Times best seller”, or even “Branson better watch out because this year I’m going to start that business”.

But I think the most common resolution (especially after a raucous Festive Season) is the age-old resolution: “This year I’m going to stop drinking.”

When Andile and Daphne recently invited me over to their place for “grown up chats” – yes, I am a grown up now Mom! – they explained the artisanal process of creating Latanda. All the talk of food science, quality control and lots of other fancy jargon helped me come to my own conclusion of what makes Latanda special.

You see, what gets you from the first sip is that rich taste. It’s beautifully crafted. It offers up delicate, complex flavours that one might associate with a fine wine or a great bubbly. It’s no doubt the fact that Latanda is produced in relatively small batches of premium seasonal fruit, rather than made in copious quantities out of fruit syrup stored in a mega kilo-litre vat someplace, that contributes to the drink’s inimitable character.

Nevertheless, I digress. Personally, I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, but for some reason in July 2015, I resolved to drink less— a choice I’ve found difficult to stick to. You see, I have friends who drink. No, scratch that. I have friends who guzzle. The kind of mates who taunt me whenever I opt for “just coke, please”.

Thankfully, since discovering Latanda the situation has changed somewhat. Now it isn’t uncommon for me to field the odd: “Yo, Jay. Bring along a bottle of Latanda.”

Needless to say, I’m counting on Latanda to help me stick to my resolution to keep off alcohol into 2016. And even though I know that Andile and Daphne aren’t punting Latanda as an alcohol substitute, but rather the “perfect complement to the alcohol-free lifestyle”, the word smooth comes to mind, not just to describe how awesome Latanda tastes, but also how I hope the trip to a healthier me will turn out this year.

So, here’s to a great and prosperous 2016 filled with passion, love, and the determination to achieve your goals!